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With TactiClicks working around the clock for you, the only aspects of your business that you need to focus on are traffic and content. Our proprietary flagship web–based affiliate platform allows you to manage everything from one place. This gives you more time to dedicate towards producing quality content that ultimately translates into conversions and profits. Regardless of the size of your affiliate network, TactiClicks has you covered with our turnkey 360° solution or our customizable mix and match solution. The best part is, our 360° full–service solution is completely free until you start making money.


Constantly having to navigate the complexities and relentless hassles of legal compliances, bookkeeping, managing payments, hosting and developing websites, and everything else necessary to run a successful affiliate network is simply too much for one person to handle. That’s why we take care of everything on the back–end of affiliate marketing, and you only start paying, on a commission percentage basis, once you start converting traffic and turning a profit.

Let us handle all the hassles of day to day operation while you focus on what drives your business:
traffic and relationships.


The Fun Part:

  • Knowing everything about your particular niche therefore producing great content that readers truly appreciate.
  • Generating website traffic from raw affiliation, media buying, and search engines (funnel building and SEO).
  • Recruiting partners and sub–affiliates who can boost your operation on an ongoing basis.
  • The immense and untapped profit potential of running your own affiliate network as opposed to working for one.

The immense and untapped profit potential of running your own affiliate network as opposed to working for one.

  • Navigating the complex rules of payment processing.
  • Discovering and optimizing the best offers for your unique traffic to ensure conversion is maximized.
  • Collecting your daily CPA from different vendors or advertisers.
  • Wrangling hundreds of constant micro–payments and avoiding errors that cost you money.
  • Maintaining and thoroughly checking bookkeeping records.
  • Paying for expensive international accounting services to avoid double taxation errors.
  • Handling legal compliance when electronically operating in international jurisdictions.
  • Ensuring 24/7 server function and integration with advertiser’s sites and maintaining the security of your network.

TactiClicks handles all of this for you with ZERO upfront costs. Between TactiClicks’ proprietary 360° Affiliate Tracking Software platform and a dedicated full–time support team, all of your bases are covered – and covered well. You will have your affiliate network with a web–based platform to overlook and manage everything in less than 24 hours.

You’ll Receive:

  • TactiClick’s custom web–based Affiliate Tracking Software
  • Automated payment processing and reporting
  • Marketing services
  • Legal support from one of Israel’s largest law firms
  • Full accounting services
  • Branding advice from successful affiliates
  • Business development solutions

Our Solutions


As a cutting–edge technology company, TactiClicks continuously develops all software in–house and custom tailors it to the needs of the modern–day affiliate. We listen to the needs and desires of clients, so our platform is not only robust and highly capable, but it is also exactly what affiliates need and want.

What you receive:

  • an Administrator Panel to see everything about your network in one place
  • an Affiliate Panel to pick up campaigns see tracking/analytics data
  • a Campaign Library to pick the best offers based on your audience
  • smart links with default and custom tracking
  • promotional materials like email swipes, banners, and widgets


Our professional marketing team is here to assist you with customizing your website, creating email newsletters, or anything else you may need.

You get direct access to:

  • professional copywriters
  • marketing experts
  • ad experts
  • graphic designers

Payment & Banking

Our software combined with our diligent staff of lawyers and CPAs handle all forms of payments, wire transfers, and deposits.

TactiClicks handles all of the following:

  • split commissions
  • lifetime commissions
  • recurring commissions
  • action commissions
  • performance rewards
  • commission groups
  • multi–tier commissions
  • KYC requirements and procedures
  • AML requirements and procedures


Your network needs to have the most appealing and marketable design possible.

You receive:

  • a customizable WordPress website
  • our innovative Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to make changes quickly and independently

Business Development

Over the years, TactiClicks has recognized that well–structured business plans enable affiliates to go further.

That’s why we provide:

  • business plans & structuring
  • your own office at our company head quarters in Tel Aviv
  • access to administrative support, a recep tionist to greet guests, a communal kitchen, and a business lounge
  • utility costs, office cleaning/maintenance, and 24/7 building security are all included and paid for by TactiClicks
  • the opportunity to interact with some of the brightest minds in the affiliate industry



Everything on the back–end is handled by us with ZERO upfront charge to you. You ONLY pay when you start turning a profit, and there is no monthly fee.

You receive:

  • our flagship web–based platform to manage your affiliate network
  • full top–to–bottom operations support
  • 24/7 technical support
  • full legal and accounting services
  • branding and business development solutions specifically for affiliates
  • automated payment processing and reporting
  • full access to our comprehensive library of hand–picked offers for your affiliate business
  • access to TactiClick’s facilities for local affiliates
  • access to teams of professional designers, writers, and ad experts at TactiClicks


With this highly flexible option, you continue to manage the day–to–day operations of your business, but you get full access to our flagship web–based platform to oversee your entire affiliate network, see lists of campaign offers, and analyze comprehensive website and tracking data.

Get the Tacticlicks 2.0 software, including:

  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Full access to our Offers Library

Your Only Role:

You manage your own operation and all handle payments, transfers, and reporting/bookkeeping for your affiliate network. Your websites are hosted on your own servers and you handle the necessarily technical aspects but receive direct access to our proprietary affiliate software platform.


Our Mission


A plug-and-play solution.

TactiClick’s gives affiliates the ability to start and grow their affiliate network with speed, efficiency, and ease. With almost a century of combined experience among the top professional employees at TactiClicks, we have a proven track record of client success and satisfaction. As an affiliate and client of TactiClicks with our 360° solution, you only pay when your turn profitable. Our interests are aligned.

Retain more profit. Period.

Payment processing, accounting, legal, and technology support services eat into your profits. Our professional and certified staff combined with our proprietary affiliate platform eliminates all of the traditional overhead expenses associated with an affiliate network.

About Us

The founders of TactiClicks worked as independent affiliates for decades. They experienced all the front–end joys of marketing, recruiting partners, and generating traffic, but they also dealt with the quintessential back–end headaches: payment processing, accounting, legal compliance, etc.

The absence of a quality, professional service to manage all of these back–end aspects for affiliates was the main driving force behind the creation of TactiClicks.

It was the perfect opportunity. The founders of TactiClicks had affiliate industry experience as well as a comprehensive understanding of finance, business operations, and software development, so TactiClicks was born.

We are truly proud to offer some of the best software and services for affiliates available in the 21st century. The results are better than anything we could have ever imagined, yet we are always looking for ways to improve our operations, because we want our clients to be as successful and satisfied as possible.