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Our superior technology is fully customizable and Specialises in FinTech and online gaming Industries.

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Just add traffic

Let your skill and talent take you further with our 360 solution. No matter your size or your goals, our full line of solutions allows you to create your own brand with real value. Let us deal with anything and everything that you don't want to, while you focus on what drives your business.


Looking for a professional solution to grow your business without the hassle of managing the technology, payments, creatives, legal and bookkeeping? Let us take care of everything for you with our turnkey solutions, or mix and match using only the services which you want. Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us.

Marketing Gurus

Break through the glass ceiling of dealing with accountants, freelancers, employees and service providers and focus on the core of your business again. Let us handle all the minutiae of day to day operation and let you focus on what drives your business: traffic, content and relationships.

Master Affiliates & Publishers

Let us take you to the next level while keeping your existing setup. Build trust and reputation with traffic sources while reducing your overhead and increasing exposure by creating your own brand, using your own technology and your own customized back end - just for you. Use your own funnels and creatives while having access to our endless library of new funnels and offers.

Our Services

  • Affiliate Link Styles
  • Custom Affiliate Tracking Codes
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Private Campaigns
  • Direct Link Tracking
  • Tracking methods
  • Fraud Protection
  • Forced Matrix
  • Mass Payments
  • Multiple Merchants
  • Customizable affiliate interface
  • Web 2.0 (Ajax)
  • Themes
  • Multilingual Support
  • Map Overlay report
  • Campaign, Banner, Affiliate Report
  • Quick Report
  • Top URLs Report
  • Top Affiliates
  • Online Users
  • Trends report
  • Zip Banners
  • Discount Coupons
  • Peel Banners
  • Site Replication
  • Lightbox Banners
  • Banner Rotator
  • Simple PDF banner
  • HTML Banners
  • Flash Banners
  • Text link banners
  • Image Banner
  • Rebrand PDF
  • Split Commissions
  • Lifetime Commissions
  • Recurring commissions
  • Action Commissions
  • Performance rewards
  • Commission Groups
  • Multi tier commissions
  • KYC Procedures
  • AML Procedures
  • Your network should have the most marketable skin possible. TactiClicks gives you a WordPress website, so that you can customize it to your specific look, feel,
  • and functionality. The website comes with our innovative Content Management System (CMS), so that you can make all the changes you want, quickly and independently.
  • Business Plans & Structuring
  • Personal Office Space (For local affiliates)
  • We look after the details so there’s more time to spend on what really matters. We have an office with your name on it at our company headquarters in Tel Aviv.
  • Your office includes: access to administrative support, to help with all tasks, Receptionist to greet guests, Communal kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities
  • Business lounge and smaller break-out areas, All utility costs included, Office cleaning and maintenance, 24/7 building security and most important - rub shoulders with the brightest starts in the affiliation industry.

Our Solutions

Full Managed and Hosted 360 solution

We give and manage for you:

  • OPERATION (connection with brokers, etc)
  • Infrastructure (servers, IT, etc)
  • KYC Compliance and payment
  • Support

All managed by us

Your Focus is on:

Bringing Traffic
Our deal can be fixed or rev-share

Hosted Solution Tech & IT

We give:

  • Technology
  • Infrastructure (servers, IT, etc)
  • Support

All managed by us

Your Part:

Manage your affiliate network yourself, and take care for your affiliates and traffic.

Self hosted and operated Tech Only

We give:

  • Support

Your Focus is on:

Manage everything yourself
using only our technology

White Glove Service

At TactiClicks we believe in providing full 360 business services leaving you to focus on what your good at: Traffic and Conversion!!!

  • help with company incorporation and bank accounts
  • Personal office space in our beautiful offices in Tel Aviv to conduct your everyday business.
  • Also provides the advantage of being able to rub shoulders with the affiliate industry’s brightest stars on an everyday basis.
  • Full legal services from one of Israel’s largest law firms.
  • Full accounting services from one of the world's largest accounting firms.
  • Assistance with raising capital for larger projects.

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